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​5 Must Try Vietnamese Desserts And Where To Find Them In Saigon

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Cập nhật: 20/11/2019, lúc 11:27 -

What to do when your sweet tooth is begging to be satisfied? Don't ignore your dessert appetites. Stay strong as we are about to embark on Saigon's most exciting culinary adventure where you can indulge your inner child with the taste of all Vietnamese desserts. In fact, Vietnamese desserts vary widely in flavors and origins, but they all taste divine. They are made mainly with rice, sugar cane and fruits, especially coconuts.
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There are so many dishes we could talk about, but here are five more tempting desserts that you should not miss when visiting Vietnam.tripadvisor hanoi restaurants
Chuoi chien (fried banana)
Vietnamese desserts french restaurant near me
Fried banana!
Fried banana is a hard-to-forget street snack. A taste immediately sends back to those good old days of childhood, when things were simple and only a few fried bananas on a rainy day could put a big smile on your face. Crisp on the outside but warm and soft on the inside: all the elements complement each other perfectly. Chuoi chien is usually made from a special variety of small stubborn bananas called chuoi su or chuoi xiem in Vietnam, which are much more fragrant and sweet than regular bananas. The secret to getting the most crisp outer crust is double frying. When the banana fryer begins to brown, remove and quickly put it in the blender and chill it again. Serve the dish when it is still hot to keep it crispy.

Where to find the best chuoi chien in Saigon
Chuoi Chien - De Tham, 40 De Tham, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1
Banh Cay Chuoi Chien, 81 Tran Quoc Thao, District 3
Chuoi Chien Gion, 100/27 Tran Hung Dao, Ward Pham Ngu Lao, District 1
Khoai Lang Chien (french fries)
Photo: Cooky.vn
On that day, my mom would do chho lang khoai for the whole family after the kids played all day on the streets. This crunchy homemade dessert was forever my favorite snack for its texture. You can see that it is quite similar to chuoi chien: fried banana; but the sweet potato is less softened, so it tastes better for those who prefer a creamy, solid piece of fried snack. Usually, people will fry an entire banana for a serving, but the khoai tongue is cut into smaller pieces so it looks a lot like fries. Some places even grind the sweet potato to mix directly with the flour, and shape it into ball shapes, which is more fun to eat!

It's also not very sweet like banana, so there are many variations of salty recipes. This modern version of the dish was more popular than ever, which actually took Vietnam by storm a few years back. After frying the sweet potato covered with flour, the preparer will sprinkle some cheese powder on top to make the outer crust tastier. This recipe is not exactly a dessert, but it is still worth trying as a light meal for your day.

You will see many vendors selling this along with fried banana and other Vietnamese fries. If you find one, try the whole package with one of them.

Where to find the best khoai lang chien in Saigon:
Khoai Lang Chien and Chuoi Chien Tram - Co Tram, 7 Hoa Hiep, Tan Binh District
Khoai Lang Chien Kammui, 87B De Tham, District 1
Chuoi and Khoai Chien Ngoc Loan, 57/23 Ho Thi Ky, District 10
Che (sweet Vietnamese soup)
best Vietnamese desserts
Sweet soup!
If you ask, probably every kid you meet in Vietnam will know about you, a sweet Vietnamese soup or pudding that is very refreshing, a perfect way to avoid the tropical heat. There are probably a hundred types of che. Hot, cold, in a small container or high glass on ice, you can try them all.

The recipe calls for a wide range of beans, jellies, fruits, seeds, vegetables, glutinous rice and tapioca. You can run into a che street vendor or at a store just about anywhere in the city - across the street, at an outdoor market, on some street - for sale everywhere. Vietnamese often have not only desserts, but also for special occasions, such as a child's first birthday, lunar new year, death anniversary or family reunion. Che definitely plays an important role in the culinary tracts of Vietnamese folk.

Due to its colorful elements, che is the most appealing and palatable of all Vietnamese desserts. Without fail, a glass of tea makes every kid jump with excitement. Adults are even fans of this syrup drink.

It would be impossible to list all types of che, even for a local. However, there are some more popular ones worth trying when visiting Saigon:

Che Ba Mau: three-color dessert
Che Bap - Vietnam corn pudding
Che Chuoi: Banana with sago pearls and sweet coconut milk soup
Che Troi Nuoc - dumplings of sweet glutinous rice
Che Buoi - sweet dessert of Vietnamese grapefruit
Che Dau Den: Black bean candy soup with chard
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